StarAttack version 1.0 for PalmOS
Copyright (c) by Andrew Brault

1. About the game / Installation

StarAttack is a space strategy game for PalmOS-compatible devices.
You can play against either the Palm device or another human, or you
can watch the Palm play against itself.

To install, use the Palm Desktop install software to transfer the
included 'star.prc' file to your Palm Connected Organizer.

2. How To Play

Upon starting the game you will see a galaxy of stars connected by
lines representing warps from one star to another. There are two
players, White and Black. Each player starts with a homeworld with
three ships, shown as a white or black number 3 surrounded by a dashed
border. The object of the game is to use your ships to capture the
enemy homeworld. To do this, you will need to use your 3 starting
ships to capture other stars. Captured stars produce additional ships
for your fleet and help defend against enemy attack.

On your turn, you can make up to 3 moves. Each move lets you transfer
one or more ships from one star to an adjacent star (i.e., a star
connected by a warp line). If the destination star is unoccupied
(depicted by a star icon), you will capture it. If the star is
occupied by your enemy, a battle will take place; the winner of the
battle takes control of the contested star.

Note that the current player is indicated by a white or black box in
the lower-left corner of the screen.

To make a move, first tap the stylus on the star from which you want
to transfer ships. If the star you selected is occupied by you, it
will start flashing. If you want to cancel your selection, tap the
same star again; otherwise, tap an adjacent star to move your ships
to. By default, a number of ships is moved equal to 1 less than the
total number of ships on the star you selected, but you can change
this by first selecting the star you want to transfer ships from, then
changing the selection of the "Move Ships:" bar at the bottom of the

Note that you must leave at least one ship on each of your occupied
stars at all times as a garrison. Also, no star can have more than 9
ships occupying it at once. You are not allowed to move ships to a
star if that would make the total greater than 9 (unless you are
attacking an enemy star).

Your homeworld produces 1 ship per turn for the first 5 turns of the
game. After that, your homeworld and every other occupied star
produces ships at the rate of 1 ship every 4 turns, starting on the
turn each star was first occupied.

After you have used your moves for the turn, press the End Turn
button. If you chose to play against the Palm, the computer will then
take its turn (the computer's moves are indicated by flashing its
source and destination stars).

3. Registration

To purchase the registered version online ($10), go to and use the Search feature to search for StarAttack.
Once you find it, click the Buy link where you can place your online
order. The registered version automatically saves and restores your
game when you switch to a different application. In addition, you can
use the Save Game menu option to make a backup of your game state
which can be restored at any later time with the Load Game menu
option. The unregistered version does not have these features.

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