If you currently have, or have ever had, the color version of Space War 2.2 or earlier
on your Palm and I have not e-mailed you a corrected version, please read the following
very carefully.

First, I am not a Palm technician. This procedure has no guarantee or warranty.
Proceed at your own risk. All I can tell you is that it has worked for me.

When you delete the old version your current player standing will also be erased. If
you don't want to loose your rank do the following:

1. Perform a complete HotSync
2. Make sure there is a current file named Saved_Preferences.PRC in your
HotSync backup directory
3. Copy that file somewhere else
4. Delete all copies of Space War from your Palm
5. Install the new version AND the backup copy of Saved_Preferences.PRC


The Latest News:
I thank everyone who has sent me e-mail. I enjoy reading all of them. There has been
so much positive feedback that I am currently developing an on-line version of
Space War with a few associates. This new on-line 3D version will incorporate most of
the suggestions that I have received that were too problematic for the Palm.

Send me an e-mail and I will be happy to give you a progress report. I have also
started a Yahoo discussion group for weekly updates. I will also send you an
invitation to join.

It will be multiplayer only, but don't let that discourage you if you don't know many
other people that would play. We want to build an on-line community where players can
easily find and play against someone else who may be half way around the world. We
also want to remove a lot of the limitations of the Palm version and allow for nearly
unlimited ship design configurations. Each player will accumulate credits as well as
experience points for playing games. The credits can be used to purchase the various
weapons, special devices and ship hull varieties. Players will also be able to buy,
sell and trade their items with each other.

Those are some of the major items we have in mind. I'll guarantee that you will NEVER
feel as if you've played the same game twice. I'm really excited about the whole
project. Please send me e-mail and I'll put your e-mail address in my contact list so
you'll be one of the first to know when it's available.


Revision History:

5/12/01 - Space War 1.0
* Original release

5/14/01 - Space War 1.01
* Some bug fixes affecting game play

5/28/01 - Space War 2.0
* Removed simulator rank limitation
* Up to four ships per game
* Team play
* More ranks
* Improved AI
* Computer opponents can have higher ranks and stronger ships
* Cloaking device for Klingon ships
* Transwarp drive for Borg ships
* End-of-game displays
* Improvements to the sound

6/10/01 - Space War 2.1
* Full Color version available
* Klingon ships stay visible to owners and become briefly visible when hit
* Refinement to the Computer AI
* Some bug fixes

6/15/01 - Space War 2.2
* Ablative shielding for Federation ships
* Regenerative shields for Dominion ships
* Corrected random phaser fire
* Cloaked ships can no longer fire
* Corrected AI issue that could cause the game to lock up
* Attempted to correct an installation issue with the color version
* Some other minor bug fixes affecting display

7/18/01 - Space War 3.0
* Corrected issue in color version preventing multiplayer games
* Reduced shield regeneration rate for Dominion ships
* Added regenerative shields to Borg ships
* Hyper acceleration for Tholean ships
* Players can reallocate bonus points
* Random ship selection for human players
* Players can name their ships
* Recording player statistics
* Random generation of captain and ship names for AI opponents
* More refinement to the Computer AI
* Corrected sentry guns so they don't shoot each other
* Corrected torpedo speed so it is consistent